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focus 2011-12 for a more poetic approach


> this and next year (2011-12) we will focus on analog – digital converter (adc). brain waves to eeg, computer algorithm to print media and so on.


Wikipedia writes about adc:

The transformation of an Analog signal to Digital information via an Analog-to-digital converter is called sampling. According to information theory, sampling is a reduction of information. Most digital media are based on translating analog data into digital data and vice-versa (see digital recording, digital video, television versus digital television).

The use of an adc is not restricted to any kind of media types. In music the adc is an evident instrument. Frank Brown wrote in Leonardo in 1978:

The use of a digital computer in conjunction with a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for composing music is an exciting possibility. With the aid of appropriate computer programs, a computer can compose musical scores that, after suitable conversion, can be heard as sounds. [1]



1 F. Brown, Computer Music, Produced with the Aid of a Digitalto-Analog Converter, Leonardo 11, 39 (1978).