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Fictional detective story. Strange and short.

mini kato series # 1: tristan,

This is our first fiction. A very short novel (page number depends on formatting, but is usually lower than 66). This book is now published on LULU. Have a few lines from the 1 paragraph.

Then the publisher of the worlds biggest newspaper has been killed – dead . His life extinguished. He was the only one to know. He was the only one to speak all human languages. He was the only one to know about the former cultures. The name of the publisher was Tristan. He was a man of outmost sympathy and his death was a moment of sadness and anger. Kings of all the 21 countries of earth traveled to the place of crime and an investigation was initiated. The worlds best detectives and police officers bundled their forces to find the murderer. Tristan has to be avenged.

Eating and drinking was not permitted in the place. Nevertheless the people in the big hall seemed relaxed. Colors dominated the walls, tangerine and moss green, which seemed to have a soothing effect on the mind. Randomness was not a concept here and people accepted the place despite some harsh conditions. In the middle of the hall a big fountain was installed. It was said to be the source of all news in the world. And people bathed in the fresh water regularly during work to become inspired. Their work was to publish a newspaper and the place was the news manufacture of Tristan.


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