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exploring the space in a newly structured world of stars created by language

starmap album

The starmap album is our key project of computer generated edition. The stellar constellations are generated by a computer using random polar coordinates and a random number of stars to define the visual appearance of the star map. Then a random name is attributed to the star map generating a semantic association between the name (a noun) and the visual constellation. The nouns are taken from a list of 223 individual items considered to be the basic vocabulary at a certain age. The relationship between the name and the visual constellation is to be judged by the observer and is an allusion to the long history (32000 years old ?) of star charts and the naming of their constellations.


The generated document contains 223 star maps. Each document is created once and on demand by the user. The algorithm is written in processing.

This is our first and limited edition sold on the internet. Limited to 1, because each star map album is generated and printed only once.
You can buy a personalized and signed print for 15 euros / 20 CHF / 20 USD.
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